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Giovanna Tinetti

Professor of Astrophysics at UCL - PI ERC program ExoLights

Curriculum vitae et studiorum


Academic experience

  • Professor of Astrophysics, University College London, Sep. 2013-present.

  • Reader, University College London, Sep. 2010-Aug. 2013

  • Lecturer, University College London, Dec. 2008-Aug. 2010

  • Royal Society University Research Fellow, 2009-2017.

  • Science & Technology Facilities Council Aurora Fellow, 2007-2008.

  • European Space Agency external Fellow, France and UK, 2005-2007

  • NASA Astrobiology Institute/National Research Council Fellow, Caltech, USA, 2003-2005.

  • Predoc/postdoc at NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory/University of Southern California, Los Angeles, US, 2001-2003.

Management & editorial experience

  • Principal Investigator, European Research Council Consolidator program Exo-Lights - Decoding the light from other worlds, 2014-2019.

  • Principal Investigator ARIEL - Atmospheric Remote-sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large-survey, European Space Agency M4 mission candidate, 2015-present.

  • Co-founder and co-director Blue Skies Space Ltd.

  • Lead scientist Twinkle space mission.

  • Principal Investigator EChO - Exoplanet Characterisation Observatory (European Space Agency M3 mission candidate) payload consortium, 2011-2014.

  • Co-editor of Icarus, the American Astronomical Society DPS journal, Elsevier, 2011-present.

  • Guest editor, special issue on EChO, Experimental Astronomy, Volume 40, Issue 2-3, 2015.

Teaching experience

  • Course PHASM/G337, Physics of the Exoplanets, Dep. of Physics, UCL, second term 2017.

  • UCL Planetary Science MSc admissions tutor / coordinator, October 2016-present.

  • Director Lake Como School for Advanced Studies 2016: Brave New Worlds ? Understanding the planets around other stars, May 2016, Como, Italy.

  • Lecturer 33rd Jerusalem Winter School on Exoplanet, Israeli Institute for Advances Studies, Jerusalem, Jan. 2016.

  • Course PHAS-3661, Physics of the Earth, Dep. of Physics, UCL, 2015-2016.

  • Invited lecture, North London Collegiate School in Edgware, March 2016.

  • Invited lecture on exoplanets, STFC summer school, University of Glasgow, Sept. 2015.

  • Course PHAS-2117, Physics of the Solar Systems, Dep. of Physics, UCL, 2011-2015.

  • Invited lecture, Royal Grammar School, Guildford, UK, April 2015.

  • Invited lecture on exoplanets, University of Rome, La Sapienza, Feb. 2015.

  • Invited lecture, Caterham School, Surrey, UK, March 2015.

  • Invited lecture on exoplanets, STFC summer school, Imperial College, London, Sept. 2014.

  • Invited series of lectures, Physics of planetary systems, part of the Italian Ministry funded program The messengers of knowledge, University of Palermo, March-April 2014 & UCL-London, May-July 2014.

  • Invited lecture, 34th Annual Astronomy Weekend, Progress in Astronomy, Rewley House, Oxford, April 2012.

  • Invited lecture on exoplanets, University of Rome, La Sapienza, Dec. 2011.

  • Course PHAS-2427E, Environmental Physics, Dep. of Physics, University College London, 2009-2010.

  • PG Lectures for PhD program UCL and Imperial College, Feb. 2010.

  • Invited lectures, European Research Course on Atmospheres, Grenoble, Jan. 2010, and Feb. 2011.

  • Invited lecture, Summer School, University of St. Andrews, Aug. 2009.

  • Invited lecture Master course in Science and Communication, Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA) Trieste Italy, May 2009.

  • Tutor to the courses of Mathematics and Physics for Natural Science, University College London, 2007-2008

  • Teaching assistant, course: General Physics Prof. L. Ferrero, Faculty of Physics, Torino, 2000-2001.

  • Teaching assistant, course: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Prof. E. Predazzi and Prof. M. Anselmino. Faculty of Physics, Torino, 1999-2000.

  • Teaching assistant, course: Statistical mechanics, Prof. L. Sertorio, Faculty of Physics, Torino, 1997-2000, plus lecture notes on Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics.


  • Moseley Medal & Prize, IOP Institute of Physics, UK, 2011

  • NASA Group Achievement Award, with Mark Swain and Gautam Vasisht (US, 2009)

  • Edward Stone Award, with Mark Swain and Gautam Vasisht (JPL US, 2009)

  • SIF Award for best young Italian physicist, Italian Society of Physics (Pavia, Oct. 1999).

  • ENEA Award for best MSc thesis, Italian National Agency for Energy & Environment (Turin, 1998).

Select Grants & Fellowships

  • European Research Council-Consolidator Grant Exo-Lights (8.7% of applications awarded in Europe across all the research fields), 2014-2019.

  • Royal Society University Research Fellowship, Exploring Extrasolar Worlds (less than 5% of applications awarded across all the research fields), UK, 2009-2017.

  • Science & Technology Facilities Council Aurora Fellowship (1 out 3 fellowships awarded in the UK), 2007-2008.

  • European Space Agency fellowship, Modelling transmission Spectra of Extrasolar Planets (1 out 3 external fellowships awarded in Europe), France and UK, 2005-2007

  • NASA Astrobiology Institute/National Research Council fellowship, Disk-averaged spectra and Light-curves for Extrasolar Terrestrial Planets (1 out 3 fellowships awarded in US), USA, 2003-2005.

  • MURST (Italian Ministry of University and Research) PhD scholarship, research program Energy and Entropy for extraterrestrial life, Italy, 1999.


  • PhD in Theoretical Physics, University of Torino, advisor: Prof. Luigi Sertorio (VIVA Jan. 2003).

  • MSc in Energetics, Engineering Faculty of Torino, Italy (1999).

  • Advanced school in High Energy Astrophysics, Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Torino (1998).

  • Laurea in Theoretical Physics, Summa cum Laude & published thesis, University of Torino, 1997.

PhD students supervised

  • Mario Damiano, UCL Physics Department/INAF, Dec. 2015-present
  • Tiziano Zingales, UCL Physics Department/INAF, Nov. 2015-present
  • Giuseppe Morello (second supervisor), UCL Physics Department, Oct. 2013-2016.
  • Marco Rocchetto, UCL Physics Department, Oct. 2014-2016.
  • Emma Barton (second supervisor), UCL Physics Department, Oct. 2013-2016.
  • Ryan Varley, UCL Physics Department, Oct. 2012-2016.
  • Marcell Tessenyi, UCL Physics Department, Oct. 2010-2013.
  • Camilla Danielski, UCL Physics Department, Oct. 2010-2013.
  • Morgan Hollis, UCL Physics Department, Oct. 2010-2013.
  • Ingo Waldmann, UCL Physics Department, Oct. 2009-June 2012.
  • David Kipping, UCL, Physics Department, Oct. 2007-2010.

Panels, observational programs and service

  • ESA-ARIEL Science Study Team lead scientist, 2015-present.

  • Panel chair and member of HST and Spitzer TAC.

  • STFC UK Exoplanet roadmap panel, 2015.

  • ESA-EChO Science Study Team, 2011-2013

  • Member selection committee Astrofit fellowship program, Italy, 2013.

  • Co-I FINESSE, NASA-Explorer candidate mission (PI Mark Swain)

  • Member of ESO Espresso Instrument Science Team, 2011.

  • Member selection committee Sagan fellowship program, US, 2010.

  • Member of the European Space Agency Exo-Planet Roadmap Advisory Team (2008-2010).

  • Coordinator of the exoplanet atmospheres group, Blue Dot Team (chaired by Vincent Coude du Foresto, 2008-2010).

  • PI approved Spitzer program Water world, 2007-2008.

  • PI/Co-I to select programs for exoplanet observations with VLT, Spitzer and HST.

  • Referee for Nature, Science, ApJ, A&A, MNRAS, Experimental Astronomy.

Computer science

F90, F77, IDL and Mathematica


Native Italian, fluent in English and French, good understanding of Spanish.